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Qatar ... beware of cauterization

QATAR has strayed away from the Gulf Cooperation Council by not respecting the principles on which the GCC was founded. Doha has towed a different line and distorted the security of member states by supporting extremist and terrorist groups and helping them breed in the GCC states. In such a scenario withdrawing ambassadors from Doha is not good enough. What we should opt for is total boycott. The Qatari policy has failed to contain the crises with sisterly countries. Three years ago, it insisted on its policy instead of mending ways by allowing the Brotherhood crows to use its pulpits in Doha to slander GCC countries and got bogged down in terrorist activities. In such situations who can ignore the malpractices of Doha?
If we put the issue in its right perspective, without compliment, the warnings have become a thing of the past because the leadership in Qatar has failed to yield to warnings. To the contrary Qatar has continued in its march and the Gulf states are left with no option but to withdraw their ambassadors from Doha in the hope Qatar will return to the GCC fold. Qatar went so far that it threatened the very existence of the GCC states by supporting the Yemeni Houthis - the terrorist group which has made the Yemeni-Saudi borders its headquarters. Moreover, at every stance Qatar tries to weaken the GCC stand in the face of Arab causes related directly to the Gulf.
Has Doha not realized that the destiny of the GCC states lies in unity - the unity which is non-negotiable and which cannot be built on half-stances given its sensitive nature?
Instead of making the house strong, Qatar deliberately embraced Brotherhood members who seek diligently to destroy the GCC states. This happens although Qatar is fully aware that Brotherhood will not be satisfied with coming to power in Egypt, Tunisia or Libya because their dream cannot be realized without sturdy economic support. Therefore, when they ‘stole’ the power in Egypt, they moved their cells to the GCC states under Qatari patronage. Is it logical that one of the sons is helping them to destroy his house?
Doha has made itself no different from the Trojan horse by allowing Tehran to play the role of the policeman in the region. This is in addition to helping the rulers in Tehran to establish the Persian Empire under the cloak of Mullahs who have substituted the Shah. Qatar now tries to provoke chaos and toys with the destiny of the entire GCC countries which has forced the fellow members to isolate Doha — a decision tougher than any other decision. After all this did the leadership in Doha not force the GCC states to escalate the situation? If it did not know what was to come then we call it disaster. But if it knew what was coming and insisted in towing the same line over the months in spite of warnings than its goal is to demolish the GCC. A testimony of this is the evidences and documents and agreements which Doha has signed and of which it is fully acquainted. By its actions, Qatar will drag the countries of the region into the pit of hell.
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz presented in the presence of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed evidence and documents to the Amir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad to prove Qatar’s involvement in a number of incidents including security of the GCC countries. The United Arab Emirates presented evidence and documents to prove Qatar’s support for terrorist cells in Manama. This is in addition to Doha’s participation, with the help of its intelligence agencies, in destructive activities in the kingdom. In spite of all warnings to put its house in order, Doha failed to see the light of day. Should Doha persist in its policy, the last treatment will be cauterization.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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