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Calculation of Visit visa dates

I would be very glad if you could let me know if a person arrives on a visit visa on Dec 31, 2013 and stays in the country for 3 months. What is the expected return date? Is it March 30 or 31, 2014. How is it calculated because February 2014 has 28 days.

If the return date is March 30 and the person returns back on March 31, 2014, what will be the consequences? Secondly if the person on a visit visa is driving with a international licence in Kuwait with the sponsor’s vehicle, is it a must for the sponsor to be with him always in the vehicle, or can he drive without the sponsor in the vehicle and shop alone by himself.

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The visa is issued for three months and regardless of the fact whether a month is 28, 30 or 31 days you have to calculate the dates according to the months. So, in this case your visa will expire at the end of March 30 and you have to leave the country by that date or you could face the conquences.

These consequences include a fine of KD 10 per day for each day that you overstay, plus the visitor being blacklisted for at least one year during which no visa will be issued to him. In addition, the sponsor will also be blacklisted and not be able to get or apply for any type of visa for at least one year.

He will then have to apply for the ban to be lifted. On the issue of the driving, a person on a visit visa and having an international driving license can drive alone and also go around the country alone.He does not need the sponsor to accompany him.

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