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Kuwaiti, 2 Saudis to die in two cases of terrorism US finds Abu Ghaith guilty of hiring people for al-Qaeda

KUWAIT CITY, March 6: The Specialized Criminal Court in Saudi Arabia has issued death sentences against two Saudi citizens and a Kuwaiti citizen who were found guilty of connivance in the bombing of three residential complexes in East Riyadh in 2003 in two separate incidents, which led to the death of several security operatives. The first defendant who participated in bombing the three complexes had provided cover for an al-Qaeda leader of Yemeni origin Khaled Al-Hajj who was killed in 2004. He was aware of the plans and even provided transportation for the terrorist action, apart from preparing the medium through which they announced the execution of the act.

Abu Ghaith guilty: The US Public Prosecution has affirmed that Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, the second in command and son in-law of the slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had recruited people to kill Americans. This was declared during the hearing of his case that resumed on Monday in Manhattan amidst wide media coverage. Stanley Cohen, the counsel to Abu Ghaith, refuted the claim, stressing the lack of strong evidences to substantiate the allegation. However, the US Government counsel Nicholas Lyone declared that Abu Ghaith was not a suspect for planning or executing the Sept 11 terrorist attack, which claimed over 3,000 lives, but he had recruited people for al-Qaeda. He accused Abu Ghaith of conspiring with a Briton Richard Red who attempted to bomb a plane scheduled for a Paris- Miami flight in December 2001 three months after the Sept 11 attack by carrying the explosives in his shoes.

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