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Want to Complain against Receptionist?

Please advice to whom I should complain against a receptionist who sits at the Al Asimi clinic in Khaitan, Block 6, and issues the ticket to consult the doctor?

I went there for the checkup for the family and children in the evening and he got the ticket for my family and children in the male section. When I said that we need to see the lady doctor, he said that no lady doctor was available in the female section.

However, I went to the female section and a lady doctor was available there and she was checking patients. I returned to the receptionist and again I requested to see the lady doctor as she was available.

He replied that if I wanted to consult the doctor only the male doctor was available in the male section. The situation was very embarrassing and there was no manager or supervisor available to whom I could complain.

Where should I go if I want to file a complaint against the receptionist?

Name withheld

Answer: You did not find any supervisor or manager at the clinic as very rarely are these officials present in the evening.

You should visit the clinic in the morning sometime and you will find all the officials, including the head of the clinic, present at the location. If you want, you can also see him and file your complaint.

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