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Expat employee admits embezzling KD 200K, manages to exit country Drunk Indian throws himself in front of moving cars

KUWAIT CITY, March 5: An unidentified Egyptian man who works for the Finance Department at the Ministry of Education and was involved in embezzling KD 200,000 is said to have left the country, reports Al-Shahed daily. The employee was allegedly interrogated by the Legal Affairs Department of the ministry and had reportedly admitted to committing the crime. The daily quoting sources said it is surprising the man was not referred to the Public Prosecution. The daily added it is also surprising how the concerned authorities allowed him to leave the country and how was he able to get his passport from the ministry.

KD 5,000 stolen: Police are looking for an unidentified burglar who broke into the vehicle of a Kuwaiti and stole KD 5,000 cash, reports Al-Rai daily. A police source said the Kuwaiti in his complaint to the Salhiya Police Station said he withdrew the money from a bank branch, kept the money in the parked car and went about doing his business. He added, when he returned he found the car glass broken and the money missing. Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have lifted fingerprints to identify the culprit.
KD 4,000 withdrawn: Police are looking for an unidentified person for withdrawing KD 4,000 from the bank account of a Kuwaiti man, reports Al-Rai daily. The victim has filed a complaint with the Faiha Police Station. He added, he discovered the money was withdrawn in two transactions. The case has been handed over to the e-crimes department of the Ministry of Interior.
KD 35,000 swindled: Police are looking for an unidentified Kuwaiti for swindling a female compatriot, reports Al-Rai daily. The victim in her complaint to the Salhiya Police Station said the suspect, whom she knows, claimed he owns a large plot of land in a neighboring country and offered part of it for sale.The woman said she paid the man KD 35,000 for a plot which does not exist.
‘Wanted’ held: The Mubarak Al-Kabir police have arrested an unidentified person who had been sentenced in absentia for 10 years imprisonment, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was arrested during a late evening hour at an unidentified location. He has been handed over to the Sentences Enforcement De-partment.
Drunk arrested: Police have arrested an Indian man for consuming alcohol and attempting to end his life in front of moving cars in Khaitan, reports Al-Rai daily. It has been reported when the suspect attempted to throw himself in front of a moving car, the motorist stopped suddenly and the two men were involved in an argument. Acting on information police rushed to the spot seized the drunkard and took him to a police station.
Several swindled: Several people have filed complaints with the Criminal Investigations Department accusing unidentified persons of swindling them, reports al-Shahed daily. A security source said the complainants claim they received calls from overseas and the person spoke in Arabic and claimed to have special powers to solve their problems. The victims who fell prey for such calls transferred money into his account but nothing happened. People are warned about such calls.
Mortar shells detonated: Forty mortar shells which were found near a project in Khairan have been detonated, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The shells are believed to be remnant of ordnances left behind by the retreating Iraqi army in 1991.
KD 842 stolen: A Canadian pharmacist has filed a complaint with the Salmiya Police Station accusing an unidentified person of breaking into the pharmacy and stealing KD 842 from the safe, reports Al-Anba daily. Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have lifted fingerprints to identify the culprit.
Male ‘beggar’ sought: Police are looking for an unidentified man for begging in front of a commercial complex in Fahaheel disguised as a woman, reports al-Shahed daily. A Kuwaiti gave money to the ‘woman’ wearing ‘abaya’ and veil and while the beggar received the money, the Kuwaiti saw hair on the wrist so he asked the ‘woman’ to show her ID. At this point the beggar got up and ran. Police searched the entire area but with no result.
Man admits raping 2: A 55-year old Egyptian during interrogations with the Public Prosecution has admitted to raping two boys (an Egyptian and a Syrian), reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was arrested two days ago when the father of one of the victims suspected his son’s behavior and filed a complaint with the police. The ‘Farwaniya Monster’ reportedly gave sweets to boys, play porno films for them and then sodomized them.

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