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Aoun general or ‘ostrich’?

GENERAL, this is not the way to lead a camel. You cannot attain the leadership position by crawling on your belly, rushing for crumbs, licking boots, hiding personality and remaining silent over insults against the republic’s presidency. Michel Aoun, you cannot build leadership through spinelessness and submissiveness to the arms group keen on snatching Lebanon in a bid to transform it into a scary republic. Whoever is striving for strong leadership should abide by the principles of the republic built on Sharia governance throughout the territories, while unifying decisions of institutions rather than tunnels and holes.

No General, the issue is not how you see it. A former military commander and prospective commander-in-chief does not act like this. Someone who has been aspiring for the leadership position in the last 25 years should not act like an ostrich. He should not apply the principle of the three wise monkeys: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

He should strike with the sword of truth and sword of the nation. The arrow of Hezbollah, through which it attacks the republic’s presidency, will not hit the current leader but it will intimidate the incoming leader and make him a toy in its hands. You have committed a grave mistake against the people of Lebanon , especially the members of your party who entrusted the rescue of Christians in your hands, because of your silence. You have repeatedly claimed to be doing this, but you suddenly took a U-turn. Basic support for the bill to punish Syria in the US Congress and the United Nations decision number 1559 should be against the prime fighters of Hezbollah.

Is this how a strong leader should be? Do you think what is happening to the leader of your country leaves any hope for you and others to reach the presidential palace? Don’t you realize the militias will convert the presidency into a mere proxy of the Persian cleric? You should be aware of this for you to wake up from deep slumber and discover the direction to which your country is being driven.
If you are the major defender of Christians, as you have been claiming, you should defend their last stronghold in the Middle East; not only in Lebanon. You should prove that you are really protecting Lebanon, just as we are trying to maintain status of the Middle East as the cradle of all divine religions whose leaders are far from extremism. They do not disguise under the cover of Sunnis, Shiites, Roman Catholics, the Orthodox or Druze.

General, you are like Judas who sold Prophet Essa, May Allah be pleased with him, for 30 pieces of silver. In your struggle towards leadership of the republic, you have been offering fate of the Christians in the stock market by giving the extremists a blank bond to consume them. Does essence of the position entails attaining it without concern for roles and content?
If you agree to live in a palace like a slave in your own way, then you have become their protector. Otherwise, the statement, “I don’t know what is wrong between Hezbollah and President Sulaiman”, is the best route for you to avoid facing the truth.
Are you not aware of the Hezbollah ideology which does not recognize leadership or Lebanon as a country? Are you waiting for Nasrallah to invade your bed before understanding the level of danger in the ambition of the gang leader? Does it serve your aspiration to end your political career with the title, ‘Excellency the President’?

    Hezbollah is unequivocal on its stance while the mask covering it continues to fall every day. Lebanese Speaker Nabeh Berri continues to follow the group; thereby, rendering his legitimacy a suspect because he could not handle the destruction left on the political table by Hezbollah.
Dear General, the issue is not about supporting the March 14 Bloc or March 8 Coalition. It is not about the ministerial portfolio or ministerial communiquÈ here and there. The message is about the ‘war’ for Lebanon, as well as protection for what remains of the diversity and uniqueness of the Lebanese symbol. However, you have failed in the major examination. Do you think you still have a chance to lead Lebanon or even Zaroub — a Lebanese village?

  By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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