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Red, flowery eyes

ONE of the members of the first nullified National Assembly and active member of the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), although inactive at the moment, — is the type of person who would strive to gain popularity even if soaked in someone else’s blood but has nothing to do with Kuwait.
This person ‘tweeted’ something that reminds us of hooting of an owl — particularly people who are pessimists. This Kuwaiti hooter on tweeter said, ‘the 16-year-old martyr … is the 26th martyr from this family who died today in Yabruud.

Is there any kind of incitement that instigates young men to fight in the Syrian civil war? If our parliamentary hooter rejoices at the martyrdom of this number of people from one family that has been devastated in a war which we have nothing to gain from, then why doesn’t he himself go to the frontline or send his children or even his relatives for them to secure for him a place in paradise where an array of beautiful virgins will be at his disposal before the competition intensifies on the martyrdom front?

I neither care nor frustrated by the hooting of this tweeter or inciter of murder and bloodshed — whatever you call him — as long as he enjoys the goodness provided by Kuwait, while at the same time praises the children of his brothers (Arabs) and relatives who are lured to die in that devastated country.
This person who was recently granted the Kuwaiti citizenship, as it has been rumored has his roots in a village in Syria. We have a lot of such people in Kuwait who come from villages all over the Gulf and other areas in the region. However, this is not our topic.

Our main topic is about the silence maintained by the concerned authorities, particularly the Ministry of Interior which has pulled wool over its eyes — the State Security department and others — to this outrageous incitement for bloodshed among Arabs.
For the eyes of the Interior Ministry only, we present to the officials concerned what is happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. How the Saudis deal with people of the likes of our former MP.
The news from the Kingdom reads “The 8th of March 2013 is the deadline for every Saudi ‘fighting’ or ‘affiliated’ to the extremist groups and factions to return home or surrender before the royal decree becomes effective on them which will send them behind bars for between 3 and 20 years.
“Four ministerial committees, an arbitrary bureau, an investigation body and the Public Prosecution are expected to begin work on a list of religious groups or extremists or whatever falls under the category of terrorism, inside and outside the Kingdom.”

This comes after these groups began to endanger Saudi youths and drive them to war zones, especially in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.
This piece of news we dedicate to our honorable officials to let them know how to deal with such people, and that what we are doing is not about depriving them of their constitutional and legal rights.
In fact, their constitutional and legal rights are protected in line with Kuwait’s Constitution and laws.
We tell our esteem officials that a majority of the advanced countries such as England, France and Belgium had taken similar measures against such people.
Moreover, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently faced such people with red eyes, and we expect our Ministry of Interior to face them, the least, with flowery eyes.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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