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Time for Egyptians to get back to work

WHATEVER Egypt had confronted in the past three years is enough. It is now time to move the wheel of production. For three years, the people have been occupying squares and streets; which were transformed into ‘theaters’ for sit-ins and demonstrations even for simple issues. Yes, it is enough. Today, the old and the young are being asked to return to the factories, institutions, schools and universities to start rebuilding the homeland. If the nation continues this way, it only means it is going to commit suicide. The Egyptian nation, sisterly nations or its friends do not want this to happen.
What benefit will Egyptians get if they keep on talking about freedom while they are unemployed and the rate of poverty continues to rise? Does the speech about dignity feed the hungry? Is this not the goal of the terrorist Brotherhood movement when it tried to strengthen its power by suspending work on interests of the people and pushing them towards hunger? Will the Egyptians, who revolted on June 30 last year to get their country back from the claws of the Brotherhood, achieve the goals of the terrorist group?
The sons of the Nile should ponder what the new Prime Minister, Eng Ibrahim Mehleb, said about the plan of his government in this phase. There is so much work to do and time does not wait for anybody, particularly the people whose countries are suffering from economic crises. Therefore, these nations should race against time to move out of the economic, security and social bottleneck. However, such goals will be achieved only through hard work, not statements nor slogans.
Undoubtedly, when we talk about Egypt, we also talk about its strategic depth and the most vital field for investment in a country whose youths constitute almost 60 percent of the population. We are talking about a large manpower pool compared to the population. Nobody wants to see a huge country where everything is suspended and no one will be interested in investing there. Until when an economy suspended for three years will last? Didn’t the Egyptians ask themselves such question?
Yes, Egypt had overcome the worst crises in modern age. As we said earlier, it is still in the period of convalescence; hence, it cannot afford to go into relapse. The nation may avoid a relapse only if it allows the concerned officials to deal with the issues.
Today, the Egyptians are facing the biggest challenge — to determine if their country and the Arab world will move towards an era of achievements or go back to the period of failure, dragging all other Arabs into the same dilemma. 
Once again, Egypt must play its role as the engine of development, renaissance, culture and knowledge like it used to in the past. The country has to take on the role again because this is its fate and it cannot escape from it. This is possible only through hard work based on a realistic vision to effectively play the role and the mission put on the shoulders of the one who will lead this phase.
When we said in the past that Egypt does not wait for ordinary presidential elections as it is a choice of leadership, we meant a leadership with the ability to motivate the people to work hard for the development of the country. Egypt is waiting for a leadership whose orders will be obeyed. Nevertheless, this kind of leadership will not succeed unless it graduated from the school of determination, discipline and decisiveness.
 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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