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Video clip shows bad behavior of Hawalli traffic police Woman accused of verbally abusing police officer, attempting to run him over with car

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: A video clip shows it all. The bad behavior of the Hawalli Traffic Police and their lies, reports Al-Shahed daily. This happened when one of the policemen (the victim) was apprehended for non-compliance with traffic laws. He was issued a traffic citation for noise pollution, placing poster and using forbidden accessories in the car. The police report also said the victim was not wearing uniform but the clip proved otherwise. It was earlier published that the policeman abused traffic police and damaged the glass of police vehicle and subsequently arrested. But according to the clip the policeman introduced himself as one of their colleagues and begged them not to impound his car saying he uses it to go to work. The clip shows there was an argument and the patrolmen bundled him in the police vehicle in a humiliating manner in front of several people on the Restaurants Street in Salmiya and the latter had a nervous breakdown and in a fit of anger he broke the glass of the police vehicle.

Police office reports woman: The Head of the Al-Zour Police Station has filed a complaint against an unidentified woman for verbally abusing him and attempting to run him over with her car, reports Al-Shahed daily. The police officer in his complaint said the incident happened at a police check point near the Khairan resort. He added, he saw the woman arguing with an employee and when he inquired what the matter was, she began to insult him, then attempted to run him over and sped off. Meanwhile, a police officer and a lower rank policeman working for the General Department for Border Security have filed complaints with the Qashaniyah Police Station accusing 17 people of verbally abusing and threatening to kill them, reports Al-Shahed daily. The complainant said they saw the suspects in ‘No Entry Zone’ and ordered them to show their identification papers. They refused, and when the officer began to note down their car plates numbers, one of them threatened to kill him and another said they would wait for them on the Seventh Ring Road.

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