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Press freedom fall report should be a warning, dealt with suitably Some individuals trying to distort Kuwait’s image

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: Several political activists unanimously agreed that Kuwait’s fall by 13 positions in ‘press freedom’ in the report issued by the ‘Reporters without Borders’ organization should be taken as a warning and dealt with appropriately. They stressed the necessity for taking all measures to ensure Kuwait regains its pioneering position in press freedom. Columnist and Professor of Political Sciences Dr Shamlan Al-Issa said he wondered why the report placed Kuwait 13 positions lower in the international classification of press freedom, even though the reality proves the opposite because of the huge margin of press freedom in Kuwait.
He inquired if it is logical for the organization to lean on a draft law, which aims to increase fines against those who offend the Amiri entity, for decreasing the rank of Kuwait in press freedom even though the parliament has not approved the draft law yet. Political Activist Dr Abdul Wahid Al-Khalfan said, “This decrease in rank not only worries the Kuwaiti media but also the entire Kuwaiti nation, which has always been proud of the freedom of media and press”, warning that such a fall can be considered as a beginning for the loss of press freedom in the country. He stressed that Ministry of Information has to necessarily carry out all procedures to protect the media freedom in the country, urging all societies of public utilities, and political and social blocs to unite for preserving the level of media freedom in Kuwait.
Professor of Sociology at Kuwait University Dr Dalal Al-Zaben said the Kuwaiti society is used to freedom, stressing that Kuwait is always been in the front-runner in the field of media and press freedom on the Arab, Gulf and international level.
She added that some individuals are trying to distort the image of Kuwait internationally, insisting that Kuwait has not shown any oppression in press freedom.
Furthermore, Professor of Political Sciences Dr Ayed Al-Manna said the report of the organization is based on criteria that are not necessarily in line with Kuwaiti traditions and laws.
He explained that the international organizations are keen on attaining absolute press freedom for furthering their positions.
He said it is not logical, legal or even acceptable to offend the Amiri entity, as such improper behaviors provoke crises in the society. He added that the Kuwaiti constitution criminalizes any offensive words or actions against the Amiri entity.
 By Najeh Bilal 
Al-Seyassah Staff

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