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14,000 MW to cover electricity needs this summer

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: The Ministry of Electricity and Water might depend on the maximum output capacity of 14,000 megawatts to cover the electricity needs of the people this summer due to the alleged failure of the new power stations to operate within the specified period. According to sources, the ministry officials are now focusing on the improvement of networks and maintenance of some old stations, as well as the preparation of a contingency plan to deal with the expected rise in consumption in order to avoid power cuts during summer.
Sources confirmed the ministry has laid down a number of programs to handle the situation until the Zour Station starts its production next year. Sources said the ministry signed several contracts to implement water and electricity projects, indicating the maximum power consumption registered last summer was 12,300 megawatts.
 By Mohammad Ghanem
Al-Seyassah Staff

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