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Kuwaiti special needs athletes bring home 42 medals

A Kuwaiti team of special needs athletes is back home and boasts 42 medals won at track and field competitions in the United Arab Emirates recently, “much to the pride of their homeland,” as Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah put it. “Both Public Authority for Youth and Sports and State Ministry for Youth Affairs assign top priority to supporting the Kuwaiti Disabled Club and athletes with special needs,” the minister said in press remarks after greeting the players at the airport Saturday night. The minister congratulated the players for their gold, silver, and bronze medals and their new records at the events in Al-Sharjah, Al-Ain, and Dubai. The new records qualify the athletes to compete in international track and field competitions in 2014.

The minister stressed, “we have come to expect such praiseworthy performance, and this achievement brings honor to our homeland.” Kuwait Disable Club Assistant Secretary Nasser Al-Ajmi for his part told KUNA this level of achievement is result of great effort by club chairman and management to provide all that is needed for the athletes to train and maintain their optimum performance. “Club athletes showed great determination and nabbed the medals since day one, and they managed to defeat well over 500 competitors from different nations,” and the players brought home an impressive array of medals. The players’ achievements in the UAE competitions include 3 gold medals, 20 silver, and 19 bronze medals, in addition to one new world record and Asian record, he pointed out. The United Arab Emirates hosted the 6th Fazza International Athletics International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Grand Prix Competition Feb 20-26, with actual games as of Feb 22. The competing players are representing 37 countries. (KUNA)


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