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Degree attestation

I have been working in Kuwait for the last 20 years in a local company as an Instrument Engineer. Now my residence is expiring in May, 2014 and my company has asked me to provide my degree attested by the government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Justice Kuwait.

Never before they have asked for an attested degree for renewal of the residence.

So I want to know whether this requirement is compulsory … to provide an attested degree for renewal of residence although I know that for a new visa this requirement has to be fulfilled. Kindly tell me about the correct legal requirement.

Name withheld

Answer: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is in some cases asking for the attested degrees to be presented so that the ministry can weed out all those expatriates who have got jobs with fake degrees.

If the company has been told to ask you to present the attested degree, there is no way out of this situation but to present the attested document otherwise the residence will not be renewed.

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