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Prices of vegetables and fish increased remarkably during the holidays.
Food price hike during holidays Consumers confused, angry

KUWAIT CITY, March 2: Prices of foodstuff, especially vegetables and fish, increased remarkably during the national holidays; making consumers confused and angry due to the way traders exploited the situation for their own benefit.
A consumer said he observed the price hike on the first day of the national holidays, citing as an example the price of one kilo of eggplant that increased from less than 400 fils to more than 700 fils.
Another consumer attributed the problem to the absence of an effective mechanism for regulating prices, particularly during holidays when most traders think the officials in charge of protecting the consumers are on vacation.  
All those interviewed regarding the issue agreed on the need to intensify efforts of the authorities to protect consumers and regulate prices during holidays; otherwise, the unscrupulous traders will just continue filling up their pockets at the expense of the consumers.
 By Najeh Bilal
Al-Seyassah Staff

By: Najeh Bilal

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