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Obama or Ahmed Saeed?

As days pass by, it becomes more and more clear that the US President Barack Obama will enter the history books of his country and the world as a figment. His weakness and hesitation to act will give nations nothing to remember him, particularly nations which look up to the United States of America as ‘pioneer of the free world’, freedom and democracy. Obama has not learned anything from (former US President) John F. Kennedy, who forced Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev to back down during the Cuban missile crisis.
Obama has not learned anything about decisiveness from the one he considers his spiritual guide — Abraham Lincoln. He also did not learn anything from his predecessor George Bush Jr. who did not flinch an inch when he took courageous decisions at a world level. Over the past four years, the Obama administration has proven to be weak — weak even to run a farm or a small establishment, and behold, once again it has failed in yet another test — the Ukrainian test — even before it has started. It has failed at a time when Kremlin is determined to punish the people of this East European nation — the people who are looking forward for freedom and democracy — unmindful of the threats made by the United States of America.
For Kremlin Obama’s options are a box of cucumbers and tomatoes, which cannot deter the Russian bear from hunting the Ukrainian prey.
In such circumstances it is logical to ask: Did the recent Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘fiery speech’ tickle the emotions of Arabs as some of the Arab newscasters did in the 1950s and 1960s and to name a few people we have Ahmed Saeed and Yunus Bahri, who liberated territories and shot down hostile aircraft from behind their microphones?
Isn’t what he said in his speech that Russia will pay the ‘price’ if it enters Ukraine similar to the price that Iran ‘has paid’? Or isn’t the situation similar to that of North Korea during the last confrontation when it announced that it has positioned ballistic missiles. Obama hastily changing his tone? In fact, he even established a hotline to calm down tempers in Pyongyang.
Similar is the scenario in the on-going crisis in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, and also Iran’s interference in Yemen and Bahrain both considered US allies.
Undoubtedly, in a few weeks from now Russia will emerge victorious from the Ukrainian crisis and the same will happen to Iran, Syria and various other parts of the world, while Obama settles for insignificant diplomatic victories.
Even if he ‘drinks milk of a beast’, all he can do is settle for a light economic embargo that is not good enough to prick the thick skin of the Russia bear.
The political style of President Barack Obama looks like the beginning of the end of the US era, doesn’t it?.
 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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