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Director General of Environment Public Authority Dr Salah Al-Mudhi is paying a visit to Safat Al-Ebil ‘Camels Market’ accompanied by a number of officials.
16,000 citizens on waiting list Vacancies not filled due to lack of qualified applicants

KUWAIT CITY, March 1: The Central System for the Recruitment of National Labor failed to fill around 5,000 vacancies in governmental agencies and ministries in 2013 even if the registration door was opened in four periods. According to sources, although there were 16,000 citizens on the waiting list; the vacancies were not filled due to the lack of qualified applicants.  Sources pointed out the graduates inside the country and those who studied abroad do not have the skills required by the local labor market. Sources disclosed the Ministry of Education has the highest number of vacancies, followed by the ministries of Health, Commerce and Industry, other governmental agencies and ministries.  Sources said the specializations mostly needed by the Ministry of Health are biochemistry, nursing, dentistry, medical sciences, physical therapy and others; while the Ministry of Awqaf requires manpower with specializations in Civil Engineering and Shariah.
By Eman Al-Billy
Al-Seyassah Staff


By: Eman Al-Billy

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