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Manipulators ‘now history’

SOME diseases are incurable.  There is no treatment for certain ‘diseases’ like foolishness, which controls and moves some individuals who think their manipulative actions can still deceive people as if they did not learn the lesson.  They will never learn no matter how many times the lesson is repeated because a stupid person does not learn. Kuwait was afflicted by those individuals for quite some time when they were inside the National Assembly; thanks to the electoral alliances which did not reflect the real popular representation.  When the defect was modified by adjusting the electoral system, we saw them acting as if they were stung by a snake.  They rejected the modification since they realized all their manipulations will be scandalized once the electoral system is modified.

Accordingly, they deliberately engaged in all banned activities to delay the journey towards democracy in the country.  Yet, the Kuwaiti nation confronted them, and foiled their attempt to destabilize national security and stability.  They wanted to stop the nation from practicing its constitutional rights but it spoiled their intriguing moves.  The group, which is keen on weeping over the missing seat, was disappointed.  It is now trying to come to the surface again through some media shows which will be ejected fast after the unveiling of facts. Those who are sinking in corruption from foot to ear are now talking about reform.  They utilized their existence in the National Assembly to practice the most heinous form of corruption by using the pains of people and their cases to achieve electoral benefits; in addition, they did not submit any proposal to implement genuine reforms.

Where are their draft bills to protect public funds and to be fair with the people?  Are their speeches merely slogans to misguide some zealous youths who find themselves in front of the judiciary alone; while those who encouraged them to engage in certain activities put forth all forms of appeals to dodge the jail? Those who are used to chaos and political embezzlement are scared of sturdy security and political institutions keen on applying the law.  Therefore, those crows hastily began distorting the GCC Security Pact under the pretext that it will transform Kuwait and other GCC countries into a big prison; but they actually want to continue manipulating things in these countries and to make Kuwait a venue for their movement towards chaos.

The political ‘mummies’ were not convinced that the people buried them in dust long time ago.  These mummies no longer believe in their superstitions as they returned to continue their crimes. The price, which the Kuwaiti nation paid for the political frivolity, escalation, mistrust and raising doubts, have prompted the people to refuse to even listen to the trivial issues presented by those who are interested only in the parliamentary seat.  It seems the members of this group do not stand in front of a real mirror; hence, they cannot see the reality.  They are just a few members that can be counted by the fingers of the hand.  Therefore, the so-called ‘HASHID’ is merely a joke, which Kuwaitis will laugh at for a long time.  Kuwaitis have been witnessing the activities of such people for many years and it is proven by experience that these individuals are manipulators.  The end of those who started in this manner is known beforehand. 

Kuwaitis have repeatedly heard speeches on protecting public funds and the constitutional rights; but they saw those who made such statements violating the Constitution and trying to topple the regime.  Can a rebel, who confronts a mountain of cases concerning corruption and destabilizing the unity of the homeland in front of courts, lead a reformative activity? It is true that whatever this group makes occasionally is aimed at merely reminding itself; not the Kuwaiti nation, that it is still alive. Yet, such movements, parties or political current are illegal even if they are just for media shows, because the law of Kuwait prohibits the formation of political parties and movements.  Therefore, the step of announcing the establishment of a political party or movement is a crime.  The country has to apply the law to protect its dignity and to prove its ability to confront such illegal activities.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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