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Kuwait Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman held a reception to mark Kuwait National and Liberation days.
‘Let there be order in marking National and Liberation days’ MP to submit proposal for orderly celebration of events

KUWAIT CITY, March 1: The Secretary General of the National Assembly MP Yaqoub Al-Sane’ has declared his intention to submit a proposal for organized arrangements to celebrate Kuwait National and Liberation days in order to eliminate the disorderliness that trail the festivities every year, reports Al-Rai daily. MP Al-Sane said celebrating the two special occasions is good but with certain limits. He supported opinion of Al-Rai daily’s publisher Jassem Bodai, who said felicitation is not symbolized by spraying water or foam on people since the act causes accidents, impedes traffic flow and blocks roads, stressing that the opinion represents the sentiments of a large segment of Kuwaitis. He indicated that the government should designate special location for the events so that the method of celebrating the National Days can be organized.

He insisted that several activities should be held simultaneously while military and heritage shows should be organized between the programs. He suggested organizing friendly football matches and holding cultural and social symposiums. Discussions in the National Assembly on Sunday regarding increasing the children allowance will revolve around two opinions - guidelines for the proposed increase in allowance to KD 75 for up to seven children and a new alternative that is completely different from the first one, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed source.

He said the payment of KD 75 for up to five children automatically terminates when any of the children gains admission into the university. He did not reveal content of the alternative suggestion, indicating that it will be revealed during discussions in the National Assembly. The source declared that the Parliamentary Committee on Finance will deliberate on both options in the presence of the Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh and State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah. He affirmed that government will not present any alternative, but the members of the Cabinet will hold a meeting chaired by HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to review the report of the parliamentary committee, which will be presented by the Finance Minister.

He indicated that the Cabinet will also discuss another report from the Parliamentary Committee on Legal and Legislation Affairs regarding the Governorate System Bill. He explained that the major amendment to the Governorate System Bill will be to specify that the Governorate Council will include all mayors instead of selecting only three among them. He said the council will also have three notable personalities appointed by the concerned governor as members. The Kuwaiti politician and farmer MP Ali Al-Rashed has urged the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources and other relevant authorities to encourage increased planting of fruit trees locally, especially with the outstanding success of some farms in producing banana, fig, citrus fruits, grapes and guava, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Speaking to the daily from his farm at Wafra, MP Al-Rashed indicated that granting subsidy for production of other types of fruits similar to tomato, cucumber, pepper and potato is a reasonable method for encouraging extensive production. He said the farmers could start with production from a level of subsistence, which they can eventually increase to the level of commercial production. He specifically discussed the production of strawberries in Kuwait, saying no one believed Kuwait would do so well in strawberry production when the experiment began in the 1980s. MP Al-Rashed declared that the success recorded in the production of strawberries has led to suggestions of Kuwait exporting the fruit. “Why is it difficult for us to diversify into large-scale planting of banana, fig, citrus, grapes and guava trees for our local markets to sell healthy products for self-reliance?” the lawmaker wondered.

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