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Panel set to discuss proposal on consumer protection body Designs for railway tracks near completion: Kandari

KUWAIT CITY, March 1: Member of the Financial and Legal Affairs Committee MP Hamoud Al-Hamdan disclosed that his committee will discuss the proposed establishment of the National Institution of Consumer Protection on Sunday.
It can be recalled that the Legislative Committee referred the draft bill to its financial counterpart in early February. In a report attached to the bill, the Legislative Committee mentioned the proposal is cleared from constitutional violations but, unfortunately, it lacks factors and important regulations to pave the way for its implementation. The MP pointed out the bill fell short in the legal aspect of implementation.
That being said, the legislative panel suggested the best course of action in terms of consumer protection is to scrap the bill and revitalize the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Commerce; thereby, making it more efficient in its work and supposed obligation.
Additionally, the MP noted the bill was previously discussed with Minister of Commerce Dr Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej but he requested an extension in order to give himself more time to evaluate the bill, promising to present his view on the report by Sunday.

In another development, MP Mohammed Al-Enizi unveiled his plan to collect signatures of his colleagues on his request to put an additional item in the agenda of the Assembly’s session slated for Tuesday. He said the item will revolve around requesting the Interior and Defense Committee to prepare and present a report on the bill to naturalize 4,000 Bedouns. He believes that by taking this step, the Assembly would have done everything in order to implement the bill; leaving it all up to the government to make it happen.
“The government has not announced its rejection of the bill,” said the MP, expressing his hope for the bill’s implementation. He then stressed the importance of implementing the bill to grant nationality to Bedouns who deserve it and inform others as to why they were not qualified.

Meanwhile, National Assembly Secretary MP Yaqoub Al-Sane’ says the parliament will refuse the draft law related to the naturalization of a minimum of 4,000 Bedoun applicants annually, reports Al-Rai daily.
Indicating that the parliament is against increasing the naturalization of non-Kuwaitis, he said the government had refused the draft law, which was specified in the report that the Interior and Defense Committee referred to the parliament.

Meanwhile, MP Al-Sane’ said he is expecting the government to submit alternatives to the subsidy of some food items and add other food items to the ration list, adding that he expects the Financial Committee to submit its report on the alternatives to the parliament.
In the meantime, Minister of Communications and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Essa Al-Kandari praised the role played by the parliamentary Public Utilities Committee in the implementation of the law on the establishment of the Communications Public Authority to organize work procedures in the communications and technology sectors, reports Al-Qabas daily.
In a recent press statement, Al-Kandari revealed the committee is also expected to push for the implementation of the proposed establishment of the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation. He pointed out the supervising responsibility will be limited to one body, instead of many.
In another development, Al-Kandari confirmed the near completion of designs for the railway track in Kuwait; indicating it will be linked to the GCC railway network once it is completed.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb
Arab Times Staff

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb

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