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Al-Omar with some of the KFH employees
KFH is sought by ambitious job-seekers: Al-Omar

General Manager of Human Resources and General Services at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Zeyad Al-Omar, underlined KFH’s role in attracting young Kuwaiti youths by offering them jobs and the potential to develop, which eases the pressure off the public sector. On the occasion of the recruitment of a new batch of employees to KFH, Al-Omar stated that KFH continues to recruit Kuwaiti employees and hone their skills; especially that KFH believes that investing in human resources is a long-term investment that is very profitable. He added that human resources are one of the bank’s most important assets.

Al-Omar said that KFH is sought by many youths who want a job that offers them career development, incentives, and promotions; especially that KFH has the highest number of Kuwaiti employees working in the private sector. He mentioned that KFH is keen to create a friendly environment that is also competitive and has great potential. He added that this allows KFH to lead other banks in Kuwait, and he told the new recruits that they bear the responsibility of maintaining KFH’s leading position; especially in light of the fierce competition with other local and regional banks.  Moreover, he noted that KFH offers its employees workshops and training courses to boost their performance and improve their skills, in order to drive KFH into the legion of the most prestigious international banks worldwide.


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