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Large number of foams seized African national held for practicing sorcery

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27:  The Salmiya police have arrested an unidentified Syrian for possessing large quantity of foam inside his car, reports Al-Rai daily. During interrogation the Syrian said he bought the foam from an Asian to sell during the celebrations. Selling foam is banned by law. Police are looking for the Asian

Asian refuses ‘token’ to Kuwaiti: The Authentication Administration at the Ministry of Justice recently witnessed an altercation between a citizen and a Bangladeshi who refused to give the former a token number to complete his transaction, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting sources. Sources revealed all those who witnessed the altercation were shocked by the behavior of the Bangladeshi who was stamping papers and documents due to the absence of the employee assigned in the area. Sources said the main reason behind the altercation was the Bangladeshi’s refusal to take papers after 12:00 noon even if the official work hours ended at 2:00 pm.

Sorcerer held: Police have arrested an unidentified African for practicing sorcery, reports Al-Anba daily. A police source said the arrest came following a complaint filed by a Kuwaiti woman who said she was a victim of the magician - the magician who claimed he had special powers to solve her problems. However, she complained when nothing worked for her in spite of the fact she had paid him a lot of money. Police then set a trap for the magician and caught him red-handed in possession of witch craft tools. During interrogation he admitted to taking from each client between KD 500 to KD 1,000. It has been reported most of his clients were women.


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