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MP Ashour proposes KD75 monthly grant for first 5 kids in each family ‘Scheduled confab on housing unnecessary, panel can solve problem’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: MP Saleh Ashour has submitted a proposal to grant children allowance of KD 75 for the first five children of every family on a monthly basis, reports Al- Shahid daily. He said the country is responsible for taking care of its citizens and providing them with prosperous lives, adding that children allowance of KD 50 is insufficient because of the hike in the prices of general commodities and services due to which a family provider is unable to meet the needs of his children.

Meanwhile, parliamentary sources said they wondered why the Secretariat General of the Cabinet sought the help of local companies to fill the job vacancies in the secretariat without consulting with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) where hundreds of citizens are waiting for recruitment into governmental positions. They explained that the secretariat floated a tender for consultants and specialists from local companies, which consequently raised several questions including the reason behind the lack of coordination and cooperation with CSC in recruiting qualified citizens for the positions instead of seeking the help of private companies and expatriates. They stressed that the step taken of issuing tenders and bids to fill vacancies in the Cabinet indicates the inconsistency in the Cabinet’s procedures, as it is the authority that is responsible for solving the unemployment problem among the citizens.

Sources insisted that the tender was aimed to provide employment in the Cabinet to expatriate consultants even though hundreds of Kuwaitis with doctorates have registered at CSC for recruitment into governmental institutions. Meanwhile, MP Yaqoub Al-Sane’ submitted a proposal to hold periodical and organized treatment campaigns with the cooperation of medical specialists and physicians for paying field visits to the houses of patients, reports Al-Shahed daily. He said such treatment campaigns are aimed to provide medical services to the elderly without the need for referring them to hospitals or medical centers particularly when they are unable to do so due to their health or age. MP Al-Sane’ insisted that the country must shoulder the responsibility of providing citizens with necessary medical services particularly to those who are unable to visit hospitals or medical centers due to their weak health conditions or age.

In the meantime, MP Adnan Abdulsamad says the housing problem can be easily solved if the parliament and the Housing Committee follow the necessary procedures in a proper manner, revealing that the country suffers a loss of KD 200 million annually by delaying to solve the housing problem, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

He said the loss will double if a decision regarding the case is not taken promptly, indicating that the housing conference, which is scheduled to be held on March 9, is not necessary because the problem can be solved by the Parliamentary Housing Committee. He insisted that the conference is aimed just for achieving personal interests and putting up a show for the media, adding that the private sector and other public utility societies can hold such conferences to handle the case but it is not appropriate for the parliament to do so. “Kuwait does not need any more new theories and processes to solve the problem; just a firm political decision is required”, said MP Abdulsamad.

He indicated that the interests of real-estate traders form the main hindrance in taking any step aimed for solving the case, revealing that a number of foreign companies are keen on solving the housing problem within just three years. He stressed that need for distributing lands before providing services, which, as HH the Amir had mentioned earlier, forms one of the basic solutions to the problem.

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