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Spraying water on others not right way to celebrate events Greatness of these days being disrespected

 IT’S the week of patriotism in Kuwait, and there’s celebration everywhere.

However, some ideas of fun and celebration are frowned upon by the people, because they cause inconvenience if not harm to them. In this week’s online poll, Arab Times asked voters what according to them amounts to unpatriotic ways to celebrate the national and liberation days.

A large number of voters, 36%, said they detest when revelers enjoy by spraying water on others. Speaking to the Arab Times, some people said that they prefer sitting at homes to going out during these holidays, “because celebration borders on hooliganism.” “It’s a beautiful time of the year, and we are commemorating two golden dates in the history of Kuwait.

The two dates are symbolic of freedom and justice, and when we see people having fun at the expense of others, it sort of belittles the importance of these days. We are disrespecting the greatness of the days we are commemorating through our actions.”

People who have had experiences of being sprayed on said that when these celebrations breach the limit it’s very annoying. “It’s the most beautiful time of the year when the weather is pleasant. But when we go out for a drive, we have to keep our windows closed for fear of water sprays.”

Some children take joy at squirting water on people instead of just the cars, added other respondents. “They hide their water guns to let people assume everything is alright. Just when we roll down the windows they break out their guns and start squirting water at us.” Another type of enjoyment that people find annoying are groups of youth being too loud and noisy at malls and other public places. “We get scared sometimes, because they seem to have an attitude and waiting for a chance to pick a fight with someone.”

Other respondents said that this kind of behavior is not so common though. “Youth in all countries are a little edgy and they try to draw attention by doing something funny or different. This should be dismissed as such.

Criminal behavior is rare among them.” Some voters, 15%, felt that national flags are not treated the way they aught to be during these days. With an explosion of national flags all over, people in their effort to be loud about their patriotism misuse the flag by putting it up at places where they shouldn’t be.

“Sometimes, the flags are displayed the wrong side up. After the celebrations flags litter the roadsides at some places, which is clearly a mark of disrespect.” For 11% of the voters, people leaving the country to celebrate national day is a paradox. “You will want to stay close to the person or thing that you love. It’s like celebrating your wife’s birthday by leaving her.” Some respondents said that people see these occasions as mere holidays.

The meaning and purpose of these holidays are secondary. About 9% of the voters were of the opinion that expecting the government to give them special grants during these holidays should be shunned upon. “This is the time of the year, when each of us should think of what we can do for our country to take its name higher in the world.

On the contrary to expect more out of your country is not in keeping with the true spirit of patriotism.”

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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