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MP ‘accuses’ govt of paying huge sums of money to loyalists PM said to promise to relocate Amghara scrapyard

 KUWAIT CITY, Feb 26: MP Mohammad Tana yesterday accused the government of paying millions of dinars and passing tenders to some lawmakers as tokens of appreciation for their supportive political stances in some cases and files. During an interview with the daily, he revealed that the government pays huge sums of money and passes tenders through some governmental and non-governmental institutions to some MPs for their support from within the National Assembly.

However, he did not reveal the identities of these MPs. When asked about the reason behind changing his stance towards the government, MP Tana said, “I am not a bribe-taker. I do not have any personal interests with the government and it knows quite well that I am not one of its friends. I will expose any individual who commits mistakes and I do not care if they dislike my criticism”. He refuted the existence of governmental- parliamentary agreements over any of the cases presented in the agenda of the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee.

He denied the statement issued by the head of the committee MP Askar Al-Enezi regarding governmental-parliamentary agreement on the Bedoun case, stressing that the reality is the opposite, which is why he felt the need to disclose the truth to the nation because he represents the nation and is not in support of fooling it. He revealed that his proposal to naturalize 4,000 Bedouns annually shook the committee and embarrassed some MPs.

He said he will submit a demand to vote on the proposal by calling out the names of the lawmakers so that they each take up their responsibility in front of the nation and that those who manipulate with people’s emotions will be exposed. In another development, he revealed that HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak promised to relocate Amghara scrapyard after the National Day holidays, as the area has become a hub of corruption.

He indicated that legal procedures have been initiated for its relocation, as warning letters have been issued, stressing that he will submit a grilling request against the Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej if Amghara Scrapyard is not relocated. MP Faisal Al-Shaye submitted a query to the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh regarding the reasons for dissolving ‘Al-Istiqlal Club’ in 1977, reports Alam Alyawm daily. “Are there any societies of public utility that violated the law of the societies like the violations committed by the club, which led to its dissolution? Did any society of public utility violate Law 24/1962 regarding clubs and societies of public utility? What were the procedures followed by the ministry in dealing with such violations, if any?” asked MP Al-Shaye. He said, “Provide me with the reports and supporting documents regarding these violations. If the ministry did not take any procedures against these violations, does it intend to take procedures similar to those taken against Al-Istiqlal Club?”

By: Nasser Qadeeh Al-Seyassah Staff

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