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‘Panel agrees to identify number of people to be naturalized in 2014’ Tana to submit demand to accelerate voting on report

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 26: The Interior and Defense Committee of the National Assembly said in its report that it agrees to identify the number of people who can be granted the Kuwaiti citizenship during 2014 provided the figure is at a minimum of 4,000 bedoun only, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The committee in its report to the Parliament said the third item of Article 5 of the Amiri decree allows granting Kuwaiti citizenship in line with documents submitted by the Minister of Interior for those who have resided in Kuwait since 1965 in addition, they should have lived in the country when the decree to grant the citizenship was issued.

The committee clarified the Ministry of Interior represented by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al- Khalid attended its meetings. It added, the ministry has confirmed the government is keen on solving the problem of bedoun and therefore, it has established the Central System for Remedying the Status of Bedoun to identify those who deserve the citizenship. The ministry indicated that the system has finalized preparing 128 files of those who deserve the citizenship and they were referred to the cabinet and the Higher Committee for Citizenship to provide their opinion in these cases, announcing it has a ‘standoff’ on the phrase of ‘of minimum 4,000 people’ which was mentioned in some proposals; however, it does not mind if those people are bedoun.

In this context, MP Mohammed Tana, member of Interior and Defense Committee, said he will submit a demand to the Parliament during the next session to accelerate voting on the committee’s report to let the Kuwaitis know the people who trade in the bedoun issue and those who are sincerely keen on solving the problem. He hoped the government to cooperate seriously with the parliament to settle this case through naturalizing the first batch of those who deserve the citizenship by this law this year. Commenting on the ministry’s statement during the committee’s meeting that only 128 files of those who deserve the citizenship are ready, Tana inquired about the files of remaining 35,000 persons which the government and the Interior Ministry said last year that they deserve the citizenship. He emphasized just ‘talk’ is unacceptable.

Moreover, he said the government has to respect the law of naturalizing a minimum 4,000 bedoun if it is truly interested in solving the problem. For his part, MP Talal Al-Jalal has asked the government to look seriously into the applications which were submitted by those who were registered during the census of 1965 and lived in the country since. He said in a press statement, “We have trust in the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalid who has said he is serious about this case. At the same time we do not accept street demonstrations which destabilize the security.” MP Abdullah Al-Adwani said this case is sensitive. He added, the committee has agreed to naturalize 4,000 people annually who meet the conditions allotted in this domain.

He said it is illegal for so many bedoun to come out to the streets and demonstrate. However, the government should be more serious in handling the case. Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Financial Affairs Committee has prepared a report on increasing the children allowance to KD 75 and rent allowance to KD 250 even though it is expecting the government will reject the proposal, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting a parliamentary source. He said the rejection of these two proposals could create a conflict between the government and the National Assembly, adding that some MPs realize the need for discussions with Minister of Finance Anas Al- Saleh regarding increasing the allowances due to the demand of the public in this regard.

In the meantime, MP Dr Abdullah Al-Teraiji says he plans to submit a request to grill Minister of Information, State Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs Sheikh Salman Al- Hmoud, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. He added, he has already prepared a draft law in this regard. He informed he had told the minister two days ago that it is necessary to keeping away one of the senior sports officials from accompanying a sports delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next Saturday. He stressed the presence of this person among sportsmen is considered a crime.

On the other hand, MP Dr Ahmed Motee’ has submitted a proposal to establish central libraries to develop and improve the educational process in the country. He proposed the establishment of a central library in each governorate equipped with rules for research, computer and information technology. He indicated it is preferable to benefit from the experiences of some Arab countries in this domain starting from a point where others have reached.

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