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Kuwaitis celebrated Kuwait’s 23rd Liberation Day on Wednesday.
Some MPs want chief traffic cop ‘removed’ over his failed policies

 KUWAIT CITY, Feb 26: Some lawmakers have expressed reservations on the steps being taken by Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdul- Fatah Al-Ali.

The current outcry is unprecedented to the extent that some of them want the government to remove the traffic chief from his position. MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji expressed objection against the idea of increasing fines for traffic violations under the pretext of finding solutions to traffic congestions.

He noted the failure of government in resolving traffic problems led to undue introduction of indirect tax and deportation of some violators. He retorted, “The funniest aspect is that Al-Ali claims the traffic congestion will disappear in 2016 - the same year he is due for retirement! He should resign now since he failed to find lasting solutions to the problem.” Corroborating the statement of his colleague, MP Hamdan Al-Azemi stressed it is totally unacceptable for the Interior Ministry to impose indirect tax on citizens and expatriates in the form of traffic violation fines.

He pointed out the National Assembly should discuss the traffic issue to curb the excessive acts of Abdul-Fatah Al- Ali. “What becomes of the proceeds of the indirect tax and where do they go?” he asked.

MP Mohammad Tana claimed Al- Ali has been harassing citizens and expatriates through his failed policies. He regarded imposing outrageous fines and fees for driver’s license as indirect tax, which has nothing to do with implementing the rule of law but just a money-making venture.

He addressed Ali Ali, saying, “We will not allow you to impose tax, because we are aware the action is not application of law. If you want to be rigid, then stay in your house.”

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