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Mohammed VI ... King of diplomacy, construction

PURSUANT to the rule of investing in geographic partnerships and building the future of a continent whose peoples share one destiny, King Mohammed VI told the Ivorian-Moroccan Economic Forum that the road to free African countries from backwardness, deprivation and hunger lies in utilizing the resources of the continent towards progress and development. The peoples of this big and rich continent, he said, have paid a huge price for its liberation from the occupiers who have drained its resources over a period of time by keeping them preoccupied in civil wars and dominating them.
In spite of all sufferings, in the past and present, this continent can see development in all spheres if partnerships are formed on real and balanced cooperation.

King Mohammed VI said, “The continent needs social and humanitarian development projects more than humanitarian aid.” Since coming to power, Mohammed VI has prioritized contemporary directions which lead to openness in the Moroccan society or with the outside world. He has succeeded in taking his country to safe shores by updating legal and constitutional framework which has coincided with development and construction all over the country. He was keen to directly supervise gigantic projects and build strong partnerships with several nations because he is convinced modern Morocco cannot be isolated from its strategic surroundings.

He has opted to be open with his African neighbors and build sturdy relations with them based on hard and constructive work and push forward the wheel of humanitarian and social development. This openness is not new. This is a vision of a wise man - the man who looks forward to build a robust economic and cultural power in the second largest continent of the world by not cursing the dark days of occupation but by lighting the crescent of progress and development.

The speech of King Mohammed VI during the forum has highlighted the challenges which Africa must surmount — challenges such as freedom from the complex past, solving the current political, economic and social problems, being optimistic and investing all energies towards these goals. The Moroccan King is aware of the huge potentials available and the ability of the continent for change towards the best.

Moreover, he has realized the role his country can play in this domain because of Morocco — the golden gate for Arabs to enter Africa. King Mohammed VI has fought his way to Arab-African partnership through sturdy relations with Arab countries particularly the GCC States which are keen on the stability and prosperity of Morocco. What Morocco has achieved in the past is a lesson for countries of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ because the king from the very beginning had realized the needs of his subjects.

Over the past ten years, he was keen to rebuild Morocco and solve its economic and political problems with wisdom because he is convinced no country can impose its existence overseas unless it is stable on the internal front. Therefore, he has spared no efforts to make his country strong, stable and safe for his citizens. Mohammed VI has given Moroccans back the feeling of power to minimize difficulties, achieve progress and welfare. He is worthy of the title ‘King of diplomacy and construction’.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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