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Kuwaitis miser for love: study

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 25: Twitter, a social networking site, has included Kuwaitis on the list of miser people in terms of expressing love, reports Al- Seyassah daily. Administrators of the site conducted a statistical study on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Results of the study showed there were 481 million tweets about love from the beginning of 2014 until Feb 14 and those who posted the messages used 116 languages to express their feelings.

According to the study, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked eighth internationally among countries whose people say, ‘I love you’, to their loved ones in Arabic and English; while the United Arab Emirates (UAE) landed on the 10th. Commenting on the results of the study, most netizens took it as a chance to crack jokes.

Some of them pointed out the contradiction between Kuwaitis as people who offer grants and material donations; yet they were among the misers in terms of expressing love. Others attributed the low rank of Kuwait to the fact that Valentine’s Day is frowned upon in Arab and Islamic societies.

They pointed out Kuwaitis usually use the site to participate in political and economic discussions, particularly topics related to national development and corruption. In an unrelated development, the Kuwait Diving Team at the Environmental Volunteer Foundation has confirmed closure of the 15-meter deep well at Um Al- Qaz Island, opposite the coastline in the East and Northwest of Kuwait Towers, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In a recent press statement, Waleed Al-Shatti, who is in charge of maritime operations in the team, explained the closure of the well coincides with the celebration of the National and Liberation days. He said the team put a Kuwaiti flag in the location to mark such an achievement, especially since the well endangered the lives of seagoers passing by the area. Al-Shatti disclosed Um Al-Qaz is the first industrial island in Kuwait, while its strategic location in the entrance of Kuwait Bay made it the best nautical site for raising a memorial flag as a symbol of Kuwait’s maritime heritage.

Love costs dear: Police have arrested an unidentified Asian couple for making love inside a car parked on an open ground in the vicinity of the Salhiya Police Station, reports Al-Rai daily. The Asians have been referred to the concerned authorities to prepare their deportation from the country

By: Khalid Hatab Al-Seyassah Staff

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