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Saudi, Iraqi ‘bedouns’ to be deported

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 25: Securitymen have identified the suspect who stole 30 kgs gold from a shop in Jahra, revealing that he is a non-Kuwaiti. They indicated that the suspect will be arrested soon. They explained that an Iranian expatriate, who works at a gold shop in Jahra area, informed them that an unknown individual broke the glass wall of the shop and stole 30kg gold on Feb 16.

They added that the suspect committed the theft when the security guard of the complex was not present inside the complex. He broke the entrance of the complex and stole the gold. They revealed that announcement of the arrest will be made soon as the suspect has been identified.

Bedoun ouster: The security authorities in coordination with the ministries of Interior from neighboring countries are said to have obtained information on two people identified only as A.A. and fugitive A.F., reports Al- Watan Arabic daily. A.A. is said to be a Saudi and A.F. an Iraqi in preparation. According to reliable sources, both the men will be deported to their respective countries along with their families. The authorities are preparing a list of bedoun who participated in demonstrations and will submit it to the Minister of Interior for approval to deport these persons to their respective countries along with their families after identifying their real nationalities. The authorities will offer the parents the choice of going to any country other than the original according to their personal circumstances and the Interior Ministry will pay no heed to pleas or mediation efforts even if these persons are linked to Kuwaitis through marriage.

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