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Read the Constitution before enacting laws

SOME lawmakers use public money to bribe voters to ensure their seats in the National Assembly remain intact. Either these MPs have not read the Constitution, or if they did, they have turned a blind eye and violated its fundamental principles and established precedents to get votes. Therefore, they intentionally propose draft laws to destroy this document and cry foul when it is applied in principle and the ruling does not fulfill their desires.

The fact is we have seen how the country moves backwards. The citizens compare Kuwait to a dairy cow which feeds them without them feeding it as if the cow’s udders are inexhaustible. The MPs have become victims of the ideology ego.

This is why we saw a package of draft laws and bargaining on allowances, compensations and salary scales in the National Assembly which put the burden on the State Treasury. In spite of warnings from international and local economists and experts in this domain, the mentality of our lawmakers wonders in the direction of enacting laws that will destroy the economy. One of these draft laws is the allowance for children and other compensations which will definitely increase the burden on the budget. And if the trend continues, the country will soon feel the pinch.

Article 24 of the Constitution says, ‘Social justice shall be the basis of taxes and public imposts’. Have the lawmakers read well this article and understood its meaning? If they did, can they answer the following question: How can a country spend KD 7 billion on subsidies and keep pace with the growing population? In 1962 when the Constitution was adopted the Kuwaitis were about 400,000 and now the number has shot to 1.3 million and counting annually. If the studies that have been conducted in this regard hold ground the first chapter of the State’s general budget will reach KD 35 billion in 2020. How can a country that depends solely on oil for its income be able to cope in future when all indications show the price of this commodity is bound to drop? The world keeps abreast with the changes and countries impose taxes on their citizens accordingly but we in Kuwait spend what we have in the belief we will earn more in future.

Moreover, a citizen who enjoys all these services for free is looking forward for more without giving anything in return. Is it logical? If the lawmakers truly want to do social justice, they should enact laws to impose taxes and lift subsidies. It will not be prejudice if a person who drives a luxury car pays the true price of the petrol for his car. It will not be prejudicial if a person who wastes water and electricity in palaces and luxury homes pay the price for this water and electricity particularly since Kuwait is considered one of the poorest countries in terms of water. If this is done, waste may decrease or even stop.

Moreover, all people may realize the value of such services. If the national economy is based on social justice and fair collaboration between the public and private activities the goal should be to achieve economic development, increase production and improve the standard of living of the citizens. All this, however, can be achieved only in line with law Article 20 of the Constitution. Therefore, this cannot be done unless Kuwaitis realize the fact that like they have rights, they have duties too. In addition, lawmakers should stop spending money from the pockets of ‘others’ and read the Constitution before enacting laws.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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