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‘Whole families face ouster if bedouns don’t end protest’

 KUWAIT CITY, Feb 23: Bedouns warned: The ministry of Interior has sent confidential and strict orders to the parents of bedoun demonstrators and their families to abide by the public law and order by obliging their children not to conduct chaotic and sabotage demonstrations, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting official sources. The same sources said the families who take part in any type of demonstrations will be punished. The source added this shift in awareness and punishment is an initial remedy and if they persist in such conduct, sanctions will be imposed against them. The family members who work in government sector and private companies will be affected irrespective whether they are male or female. The sources added the punishment may even include deportation of the entire families of demonstrators to their original country since the ministry has official documents to prove their origins.

Girl’s death probed: Police are investigating the death of a 13-yearold girl who was reported dead upon arrival at the Ali Al-Sabah Al-Salem polyclinic, reports Al-Shahed daily. A doctor found bruises on the face of the girl which suggested that she had been assaulted. Without going into details the daily said the corpse of the girl has been referred to Forensics.

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