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Civil ID's stolen from Asians to obtain lines, phones

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: The Salmiya police are looking for a gang of criminals for stealing the Civil IDs from Asians and using them in cases of impersonation and fraud particularly in dealing with the telecommunications companies, reports Al-Rai daily. The investigation office in Hawalli is said to have received 79 complaints from the mobile telecommunications companies about persons who have purchased telephone lines and expensive cell phones and failed to pay the installments.

Liquor Factory: Security operatives discovered a liquor factory at the basement of an investment building in Jahra and apprehended three Asian workers and confiscated 20 bottles of ready-made liquor, equipment for manufacturing alcohol and 26 liquorrelated materials. Apparently, the Head of Jahra Security Directorate Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah received a tip-off about the activities of the three suspects and stormed their factory. They were referred to the concerned authority.

Maid accused: A Kuwaiti has filed a complaint with the Adan Police Station accusing a Sudanese maid of stealing KD 1,180 and Iphone, reports Alam Alyawm daily. The victim works for the Ministry of Defense. The name and description of the maid has been relayed to all security check points and police patrols. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti man has filed a complaint with the Maidan Hawally Police Station accusing an unidentified person of breaking the side window of his car and stealing KD 100, reports Alam Alyawm daily. Police are looking for the suspect.

Caught red-handed: A Kuwaiti has filed a complaint with the police accusing a compatriot of attempting to break into their home in Sabah Al-Salem, reports Alam Alyawm daily. In his complaint, the Kuwaiti said when he arrived home with his friend, he saw the suspect attempting to break the door of his Diwaniya and when they confronted him, the latter attempted to assault them. Police investigation is underway. Meanwhile, an Indian grocer has filed a complaint with the Al-Sepia Police Station accusing unidentified persons of assaulting him and robbing his money, reports Alam Alyawm daily. In his complaint he said the suspects escaped with KD 300. Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have been summoned to lift fingerprints.

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