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Govt must grant citizenship to deserving Bedouns: MPs Lawmakers condemn acts of violence during protest

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: Following the clashes between Bedoun protestors and securitymen during a demonstration held in Taima area on Wednesday, a number of lawmakers condemned all acts of violence or attack against the security operatives of Ministry of Interior and state properties, reports Al-Rai daily. They requested the government to handle this file and grant citizenship to those who deserve it. MP Humoud Al-Humoud stressed that any issue that involves violence and confrontation will never lead to positive results, adding that he hoped the Bedoun sons will resort to legal methods for demanding their citizenship.

“The government has to end the suffering of the Bedoun people who deserve citizenship and grant them their civil and social rights as well as provide them with employment”, said MP Al-Humoud. MP Mohammad Tana said, “We are against any act of violence irrespective of whether it is committed by the Bedoun people or by the securitymen of Ministry of Interior. Moreover, a fair and logical solution is essential for the problem in order to lift the suffering that lasted for almost 50 years”. MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji said, “We do not support the demonstrations held by the Bedoun people. Nevertheless, we urge the concerned authorities to solve this problem and grant citizenship to the deserving applicants.

Meanwhile, the government has to notify those who are rejected citizenship about the documents it has that prove their countries of origin”. He urged the government to deal with the Bedoun people from a humanitarian perspective in order to ease their suffering.

Meanwhile, he stressed that it is not possible to disregard the violations committed by some of them against the systems of the country due to which the Ministry of Interior has to strictly deal with such violations. MP Khalil Al-Saleh stressed that the government can settle this file by naturalizing the deserving applicants of about 34,000 Bedoun people as listed by the Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents.

He added that the government can grant permanent residence to those who do not deserve citizenship. He insisted that the government can tackle the tension regarding this file by providing a fair solution and dealing wisely with the problem.

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