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Weak laws, lax control in fake medicines spread Two charities face closure

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 20: The Director of Medicines Inspection in Ministry of Health Dr Jaber Al-Khalidi blames weak legislation for the prevalence of imitation medicines in the country, adding the absence of firm laws, strict supervision and deterrent sanctions ease the transfer of imitation medicines from one country to another, reports Al- Kuwaitiya daily. In a statement to the daily, Al- Khalidi blamed lack of cooperation among the concerned bodies such as security apparatus, customs and health organizations for the influx of counterfeit medicines in the country. He reiterated the need to increase awareness on the dangers of purchasing low-priced imitation medicines.

Meanwhile, Social Development Sector in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor submitted a memo to the sector minister Hind Al-Subaih pressing for the closure of two charitable societies for violating the rules and regulations of charity work, reports Al-Kuwaitiya daily.

In its letters to the two foundations, the ministry called for necessary steps to be taken on amending their situation to avoid legal action against them and eventual closure, indicating three charitable organizations were closed in the past for not cooperating with the ministry. Earlier, MP Hamdan Al-Azmi has commended tremendous efforts the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subaih is exerting to provide appropriate solutions to the ministry’s problems, reports Al- Seyassah daily. He urged the minister to intervene quickly to deal with defects in the sector and help the ministry recoup effective role it played for sustainable development by providing the prerequisites of mammoth projects. He stressed that the country can not achieve development without the vision of Ministry of Social Affairs.

At the same time, he affirmed that “I will not disregard violations that may take place in the ministry, particularly on files of violations accumulated in the ministry — just as I follow up the activities of sector minister Al-Subaih like any other minister”, indicating he will not give compliment to any person at the expense of the homeland”. He also said top officials of the ministry, including the minister, must simplify procedures to complete citizens’ transactions while implementing electronic transactions with intensity to ease congestion. And, in an unrelated development, Deputy Premier, the Minister of Defense Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah affirmed that the ministry may terminate the services of non-Kuwaiti personnel in their various technical specialties after a three-month official notice, as per items of the temporal contracts which had been signed with them, reports Al-Wasat daily.

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