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Iraqi witness

IT IS not ordinary for Muqtada Al-Sadr, who is regarded as an idol sitting atop the decision-making authority in Iraq, to declare such a decisive position. It is not ordinary as well for Al-Sadr to describe Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki as a dictator who cuts human necks by declaring war against cities and releasing killer teams to deal with adversaries. The activities of Al-Maliki in Iraq are tantamount to taking political revenge, on behalf of Iran, against Iraqis who fought against the Mulla regime for eight years to a point of defeat. Is there anything else left unsaid after the reverberating outcry from Al-Sadr, the son of the fiercest opposition to Saddam Hussein’s regime — Mohammad Baqer Al-Sadr who was executed for challenging the Saddam dictatorship?

When the most revered Shiite leader, next to the top cleric — Al-Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani, came out to take a position that aligns with religious edicts against spilling blood of Iraqis and holding on to power, as well as aborting democratic practice through sectarian war to ensure firm control of the government, then the issue is not just a conflict over the prime minister position. Nouri Al-Maliki, who said in the last elections, “We will not abdicate governance for anybody”; was actually declaring the new dictatorship whose repression and bloodletting are worse than any dictatorship Iraq has ever witnessed since 1921.

The dictatorship of Al-Maliki is based on war and splitting the Iraqi society along sectarian lines by fighting with booby-trapped cars; thereby, claiming innocent lives across the country. This dictatorship is under the guise of belongingness to ‘Al Al-Bayt’ — family of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who is innocent of the power-thirsty action — in a bid to execute the policy of Iran to control Iraq and its neighbors. This behavior is against the teachings of Islam whose various sects call for tolerance and unity of purpose.

Therefore, Al-Sadr was right when he said, “Iraq is enveloped by a dark cloud; such that Iraqis have been killing one another under the pretext of implementing the law and religion at one time or the other. Woe unto the law which spills blood, demotes religion, cuts off necks, and bombs innocent souls.” The government, which no longer listens to anybody including the most revered cleric and his edicts, has perpetrated all those actions.

The activities of Nouri Al-Maliki’s government have prompted several Iraqis to denounce their nation and to either seek refuge in various countries or remain under constant risk due to the daily massacres. Iran is the beneficiary of the first situation. The Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Arabs and Kurds had picked up arms against the government to rescue their country from fresh Persian occupation; which might be worse than the injustice caused by the US occupation. Muqtada Al-Sadr perfectly embodies the saying, “The witness is from his people”. This affirms that the incumbent government in Iraq does not represent the Iraqi Shiites, because it is a mere tool in the hands of the Tehran government which manipulates it.

Al-Sadr, in his position, made a strong case against whoever claims the current incident in Iraq is a war against terrorism and a way to eliminate fundamentalists who, according to Al-Maliki’s ideology, are against his opinions.  Undoubtedly, the Iranian ideology will lead the Tehran government to hell, because whoever is under control of vengeance must pay the price. Therefore, the challenge of Al-Sadr and the most revered Shiite cleric, Ali Al-Sistani, against the Iranian occupation of Iraq signals the beginning of defeat for the Persian project in the region.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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