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Ignorance, us conjoined twins

Earlier I wrote about the stance of Hamas which represents the ‘Palestine Brotherhood’ to the ancient statue of Apollo — a god in Greek mythology — whose lifespan extends to thousands of years. The statue of Apollo for its bad luck was found in Gaza, the city controlled by Ismail Haniya whose government has lost its grip but Haniya continues to rule over the people of Gaza. Hamas will cover the naked body (private parts) of Apollo should Hamas decide to put Apollo for public viewing. This issue has provoked sarcasm of people all over the world about Muslims and their power of thinking which is usually confined in sex. Some Muslims of this age have even linked ‘Jihad’ to sex.

Therefore, we have heard about ‘Jihad Sex’ and the hundreds of ‘Hoor Al-Ayn’ — women who have beautiful eyes and who present themselves as gifts to the people who adopt extremist ideologies and explode themselves on innocent civilians.

Today, I will write about another related issue. The topic was underlined in England where an altercation occurred between noted Hollywood actor George Clooney and the Mayor of London who visited Kuwait earlier as guest of former Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed. The altercation began when George Clooney suggested that Britain should return to Greece Elgin Marble, an issue related to ‘Thomas Bruce Ariel F. Elgin’, Britain’s ambassador to Greece in 1799.

Count Elgin got permission from the Muslim Ottoman authorities who occupied Greece at that time to detach a big piece of noted Parthenon (temple dedicated to goddess Athena) in Athena and cargoed it to Britain on the plea that the temple was an idol and the Ottomans being Muslim worship only Allah in line with the Islamic Sharia which forbids worshipping idols. Unfortunately, the backward or the illiterate Ottoman authority did not think that ‘Parthenon’ was a monument for all humanity. Moreover, such noted temples were built by Greece on the foundations of philosophy, logic and democracy before all divine religions came to the earth — Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

During a press conference which was held to promote his new film ‘The Monuments Men’ George Clooney asked to Britain return the monuments to Greece which were stolen due to Muslim generosity. The impudent London Mayor of London accused Clooney of defending an agenda of stolen artistic works just like what Hitler had done in the past. George Clooney has dismissed comments made about him by the London mayor, Boris Johnson, as ‘too much hyperbole washed down with a few whiskies’. In addition he does not blame the London Mayor for that.

Yet, when the issue is related to facts in history and not imaginary notions, we have to read the decisions taken by UNESCO which are agreed upon by all countries. These decisions say, “No occupational power can sell the monuments of the countries which they occupy.” Add to this the fact that the controversial pieces were taken from Parthenon Temple by the Turkish occupation forces at that time. Thus, we as Oriental and Muslims prove every day that we and our ignorance about the ancient civilization are like non-separable twins.


By Ali Ahmad Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmad Al-Baghli

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