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Amnesty helps poor, exploited among expatriates ‘Track down visa traders’

 In this week’s online poll, the Arab Times asked voters their opinion about amnesties in Kuwait. A majority of the voters welcomed it saying it helps the poor and the exploited among the expatriates in Kuwait.

About 55% of the voters voiced this opinion. When talking to respondents, the Arab Times found that among the expatriates the notion of victimization is predominant. Many people said that a great number of residence violators find themselves in that position because of exploitation and unscrupulous visa traders. “To be put in jails for the crimes of others is unfair. The law has to track down those who are profiting from the human trade and punish them. If this is not possible, at least the victims should not be further victimized, and the best solution for that is amnesty. It’s a humane solution, though temporary, for the problem.”

The low number of votes for options slamming amnesty highlighted that the support for amnesty was unanimous. Even the citizens supported amnesty. “This is good for everyone. It’s good for Kuwait and it’s good for the violators.” A second majority of voters felt that amnesty is a humanitarian solution. Respondents said that the modern societies, especially those in the transition phase towards modernity, are struggling in their population policies. “Even the advanced countries in Europe are facing issues of immigrants, and their rights.” The net outtake of the opinions of respondents who see amnesty as a humanitarian measure ran thus: Many peoples in the world are becoming illegals because of the flaws in the system. Policies have gaps in them. In such a scenario, people have to be given a temporary reprieve from the stringency of law once in a while. This will help in restoring hope in everyone.

The option that amnesty would help rid the country of illegals received only 9% votes. Respondents said that the idea of any law should not be to get rid of anybody, but to reform and establish justice. Others said that illegal residents indulge in crime as they have few means to earn an honest living.

5% of the voters supported the view that amnesty users should not be allowed to return. The justification for this claim was that people who have violated the country’s laws are not eligible for a second chance. “Moreover, this will also serve as a deterrent for future violators.” However, many respondents denounced this opinion. They built their argument on the grounds that violators should not be equated to criminals because in a great many cases the violator is a victim of a crime, visa trading, committed by someone else. These people have to be considered as victims, and shown mercy.

About 4% of the votes broadsided amnesty saying this only helps antisocial elements to get away. “We should hold the guilty to account, no matter what their backgrounds.”

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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