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HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah poses with guests and winners during the Quran memorization award ceremony
Many citizens said discontent with govt’s bad performance Call to apply new co-op law

 KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: Many MPs and citizens have expressed dissatisfaction over the bad performance of the government, and their anger is rising due to the deteriorating situation in the country, says MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi. In a press statement, Al-Tamimi said, “According to the facts and what we see on the ground, there is no good news coming in the near future and lawmakers will be compelled to confront the government in this regard”.

He added they have started losing patience due to the government’s performance and the general situation in the country, revealing that he will open several important files which the executive authority has failed to solve. Meanwhile, MP Saud Al-Hariji called on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to take into account the public demand to apply the new Cooperative Societies Law, to be careful in dealing with the new mechanism and not to violate the Constitution. He stressed the need to respect the opinion of shareholders who voiced their views through ballot boxes, adding “there are members who did not complete their legal terms and it is unfair for them to be treated this way.” He asserted that, as MPs, they have enacted the new law to regulate work in cooperative societies and achieve the objectives but it remains in the hands of the ministry officials. He affirmed, “I am confident in their ability to overcome this problem.” He noted there are departments formed by the ministry, so they must not be equated with those elected by the citizens.

On another issue, MP Yakoub Al- Sanei has proposed holding training courses for employees assigned on the borders to enhance their skills and instill the necessary discipline to protect the image of Kuwait. In his proposal, Al-Sanei pointed out the land borders and international airports are gateways to and from the country. He said travelers meet these employees first when they enter the country and the last they encounter upon departure; hence, the need for those assigned in the entry and exit ports to protect the reputation of the country, its people, systems, culture and progressive mechanisms. He added a civilized world is always keen on facilitating procedures for travelers in order to give them a warm welcome and to provide them the best services. He explained this entails the selection of highly-qualified employees to create a positive impression among travelers.

Meanwhile at the Kuwait University, former MP and leader of the opposition Musallam Al-Barrak has been enticing students to protest against the cancellation of the Gulf Security Agreement conference.

The former MP has been maintaining his presence at the university since the cancellation of the conference, which was arranged by members of the Faculty Association. On Wednesday, he delivered a speech to members of the association and others present. He said, “Universities had overthrown governments in the past,” while inviting them to protest until they receive an official apology for the cancellation of the event. On the other hand, members of the faculty met HH the Prime Minister this week to discuss their needs but Al- Barrak urged them to stop doing so and to refrain from requesting financial aids.

Supporting his colleague, former MP and member of the opposition Khaled Al-Mutairi asserted the people of the Gulf are silent despite their rejection of the agreement, claiming that this is because they are being suppressed by the ‘power’, referring to the government. He added most of the articles in the agreement are currently being implemented in the Gulf countries except Kuwait, calling on the public to take action before it is too late.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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