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When will Berri know his limits?

THE adage, “If God is angry with the ant, He makes it grow wings”, is applicable to Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri who is trying hard to conceal his failure in managing the legislative authority in his country. He intends to cover his inability to convene a single parliamentary session for almost a year with acrobatic political games, the last of which was a statement he issued recently asking Kuwait to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Everybody understands that the issue is far above the level of Berri. He should know his limit and stop there. If the militia leader is under the illusion that he can make himself a mediator between Arabs and Iran, he should first present a patriotic clean bill of health by creating an avenue to overcome challenges which his country is currently facing. He should also inaugurate the Parliament to stop himself from following Hezbollah and to seek forgiveness for dragging his country into the leadership vacuum for a long time. Berri might have been considering himself a world power broker by snatching leadership of the parliament for several years or the chairperson of the ‘United Nations Parliament’ to claim that he can demand for anything from Kuwait. Did this leader of jays forget that Kuwait is a sovereign nation?

A Lebanese adage says, “Vinegar eel is a product of itself.” If Berri believes the closer Saudi-Iranian ties will open the doors which were shut in Lebanon, then we have a question for him: Was Hezbollah, his associate in ‘snatching’ the decision of the Lebanese people, not an armed group which closed the doors? Is it unreasonable for Berri to openly ask the Iranian mullas, from where he is now, to keep their hands off Lebanon and order the Hezbollah to surrender ammunitions to the State?

Without mediators, the GCC countries have explored all avenues for solutions to unify the Lebanese factions on the need to abandon bloodletting which the Hezbollah has been perpetrating for almost 14 years. Did the GCC countries not provide all necessary economic aid to Lebanon and reconstructed whatever was destroyed by the so-called ‘had I known’ adventurers in 2006. They hoped the Lebanese politicians, led by Berri, would strive to protect their country against the Iranian expansionist game for which the group itself has been taking risks through decades. Is not the vinegar eel carrying out self-destruction in Lebanon?

Since 1976, Kuwait has been mending fences among Lebanese factions. Unfortunately, those who are supposed to protect their country are the ones destroying it.  After sponsoring the historic ‘Taif Agreement’ in 1989, Saudi Arabia has been working with her GCC sisters to control the situation in Lebanon. However, the Hezbollah, Amal and other pro-Iran groups have been thwarting those efforts in various ways.

In 2008, the GCC countries sponsored the Doha Agreement which led to the election of a president for the republic. It was an opportunity for Lebanon to develop. What did Berri, the topmost official, do to unite representatives of the people in the Lebanese Parliament? Did he not shut it down and stall legislative activities?

The dark history of Nabih Berri, who directs affairs of the legislative authority according to the dictate of his mind as a militia leader, does not give him the right to ask Kuwait to intervene. It seems God is angry with this ant and enables it grow wings to see himself as a hawk.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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