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Abu Halifa crackdown Drug pills seized from egyptian

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: : The General Traffic Department launched surprise inspection campaigns in Abu Halifa recently, resulting in the arrest of seven expatriates found to have violated the Residency Law. The series of campaigns also led to the issuance of 33 traffic citations. The department confirmed such campaigns will continue in different parts of the country to track down those who do not respect the laws of Kuwait.

Drug pills seized: An Egyptian was arrested at Kuwait International Airport for trying to smuggle 1,000 narcotic pills into the country. Customs officers at the airport, under the leadership of Sulaiman Al-Fahad, have intensified efforts to foil smuggling attempts. In one such operation, the officers got suspicious after noticing the agitated behavior of an Egyptian passenger as he approached the luggage inspection desk. They checked his luggage thoroughly, resulting in the discovery of the abovementioned contraband. The Egyptian was referred to the concerned security department for questioning and other legal action.

Meanwhile, an Arab man was arrested in Jahra for the possession of an undisclosed quantity of narcotic pills. While patrolling the area, the securitymen noticed the erratic movement of a vehicle; so they signaled for the driver to pull over. When the officers approached the vehicle, they observed the driver, an Arab, was nervous. This has prompted the officers to search the vehicle thoroughly until they found the narcotic pills. The suspect was referred to the relevant security department for the necessary legal action.

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