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Came on Drivers Visa, Changed to Accountant - Can I drive on same license?

 I came to Kuwait in 2007 on a driver’s visa and got my driving license in 2008. In 2009, I changed my profession to accountant and am still working in the same company on a salary of KD. 358/- (KD 318/- on the work permit).

Recently my salary was increased to KD 500/- (KD 50/- allowance + KD 450/- basic salary) but I am not sure whether the company will update the increased salary on my work permit.

Kindly let me know:

1. Whether I can still drive on the current license because on the license and civil ID different sponsors are mentioned.

2. Is there any way of changing the profession on my license or legalizing my license?

Name withheld
You can’t drive on the license that you acquired when your occupation was a driver, especially since the Traffic Department has for several months been cancelling the licenses of all those who acquired these licenses as drivers but have now changed their occupation on the work permit.

The occupation on the driving license can’t be changed. It doesn’t matter if there are names of different sponsors on your is the occupation on the work permit which matters.

So, you have to either surrender your driving license or wait until you are caught someday at a check post and your license is taken away from you. While this license will be taken away from you, you can apply for a new license if you meet the following conditions:

1. Must have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

2. Must be earning at least KD 400 a month. (This salary must be mentioned on the work permit)

3. Must be a university degree holder So you must apply for a new license but you need to request your employer to change the salary on the work permit. If the salary mentioned on the work permit is less than KD400, your application will be straightway rejected.

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