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Our university silenced crow

THE so-called opposition figures have proven to be the crow which failed in its effort to walk like an ostrich, because it could neither walk like the latter nor regain its pace. It remains static waiting for support to sustain it and stay alive. This is the picture that best depicts the condition of the group, which is just waiting for the day to bounce back into the political reckoning. This is why they made noise when the issue on the amended Gulf Security Pact surfaced. They did not read the new pact nor wait for the action by the incumbent Parliament.

Although the decision of National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim to refer the security pact to constitutional and legal experts has denied the crows the opportunity to return to the political field, they conspired against the decision by approaching the Kuwait University. They thought the academic institution is still the political circuit they used as they liked for political shows in the past. The university shocked them when it prevented them from organizing a seminar in the auditorium of a college; thereby, foiling the latest destructive plan they wanted to unveil there.

We need to rescue our reputable academic institution from the claws of political opportunists and return it to its rightful position, where ideas are exchanged for the sake of Kuwait’s future. It should not serve as a platform to revive those who have spent several years living on bogus issues by using false allegations against majority of Kuwaitis or accumulating electoral fortunes at the expense of public funds. If the decision of the university’s administration makes us feel the country has started implementing the law, other similar steps are required to put things in the right perspective. First of these steps should be shutting down the shops of those who trade in issues related to the fate of the country.

However, it is impossible to achieve this unless it is done through correct government and parliamentary activities. Some people who are supposed to be parliamentary veterans have proven to be shallow in legislative culture and ignorant of the simplest constitutional principles. They struggle to implement the Constitution on others while they place themselves above it. They abused people by hurling allegations and strengthened the uncivilized attitude in parliamentary activities. The most appropriate reaction then is to phase out their legacies in the incoming legislative terms. The recent incident put the crow back to its nest, but it does not mean the country should stop implementing the rule of law. The driving force for these people is yearning for governance by the terrorist ‘Brotherhood’. It is high time the country broke the evil plans of those fingers to prove it is not shaken by the croaking or hooting of crows here and there.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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