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Bishops reject blessing for gay marriages Same-sex couples to hold ceremonies in March

LONDON, Feb 16, (AFP): Bishops in the Church of England issued new guidance on Saturday warning clergy they should not bless couples in same-sex marriages, after the idea was recommended in an internal report last year.

The House of Bishops was clarifying the Church’s response to new legislation allowing gay marriage in England and Wales, which will see the first ceremonies take place in March. “Services of blessing should not be provided. Clergy should respond pastorally and sensitively in other ways,” said the guidance, drawn up at a meeting on Thursday.

The same-sex marriage law bans the established Churches of England and Wales — which believe marriage can only take place between a man and a woman — from conducting ceremonies. But a report last year on the Church’s policy on sexuality, commissioned by the House of Bishops, said that in some circumstances a priest “should be free to mark the formation of a permanent same-sex relationship in a public service”, without any obligation to do so.

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