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Dar Al-Shifa inaugurates latest MRI 3-Tesla Skyra Installation of machine places hospital among 1st in ME

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 16: Following the recent much touted accomplishment in the area cardiac treatment, Dar Al-Shifa Hospital is in the news again announcing its latest milestone — inauguration of the latest Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology machine — the Siemens 3-Tesla Skyra, the first in the Middle East region at a press conference on Sunday. The installation of the 3-Tesla Skyra MRI equipment, places Dar Al-Shifa among the first private hospitals in the Middle East doing functional MRI for the brain and off course cardiac imaging, breast imaging, musco-skeletal. With epilepsy, the machine really has a big advantage because it can detect the very small focus epilepsy so it can be treated and make the outcomes for patients much better. Neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and tumor imaging are among the conditions that 3-Tesla Skyra MRI machine can diagnose. Before the operative mapping of the brain, the scan is done to map out the brain so that vital organs crucial for motor functions like hand movement, feet movement and so forth are not excised during a surgery.

Speaking to the Arab Times at the Sunday launch, Dr Alexandra Uzunova, Manager of Clinical Ancillary Services at the hospital, stated that the equipment comes with a 64-channel coil dedicated for neuroimaging which enables early detection of changes compared to other machines. “We see the signs of developing diseases much earlier than with other equipment. With the 3-Tesla we’d be detecting the signs we might be missing with other equipment”, she added. Dr Uzunova who is also a trained radiologist, said that with 3-Tesla Skyra which is the highest machine available for clinical imaging, the hospital can now go beyond simple abdominal and joint exams which were being handled by the 1.5 Tesla machines to add more sophisticated exams which require higher magnetic field strength. The inauguration, according to Dr Uzunova, is a dream-come- true for her and her team because she in particular has been in the forefront working to improve the workflow in the department. “With the old machine we worked 17 hours per day including Fridays as the load started to increase and we weren’t able to accommodate all patients straight away so we started giving appointments which were running into 12 and 14 hours.

Dr Uzunova noted that as far as the private sector goes, the long waiting hours was becoming a bit concerning, “that’s when we decided we need to go in for a second machine”. With the installation of the new MRI 3-Tesla machine, Dar Al Shifa is very strongly placed on the scientific map in the Middle East. The hospital can even embark on researches with the new machine which is equipped with all the relevant software that is capable of handling such tasks, aside the highly trained team of personnel operating it under the leadership of Dr Mohammed Ismail, a consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiologist who led the inauguration of the new machine at the press conference. The MAGNETOM Skyra is the world’s first 3 Tesla, 70 cm Open Bore Tim+Dot system. Through the integration of groundbreaking Tim 4G (Total imaging matrix) and Dot (Day optimizing throughput), MAGNETOM Skyra sets a new standard of efficiency, ease of use, and care, which will help harness a new level of productivity. The increased productivity enables higher patient throughput and optimized workflow, ultimately increasing the number of examinations that can be done with one system and thereby, increasing the energy efficiency. The MAGNETOM 3TSkyra also has low operational costs and is easy to site. As the shortest 3T system on the market today, it fits into the footprint of most conventional 1.5T systems. There is no need for a large, dedicated computer room, because the all-digital Tim 4G technology is concentrated at the magnet. Due to the Zero Helium boiloff technology, the system does not use any helium during normal operation, so this expensive and scarce resource does not need regular refill intervals. Additionally, with the new Green Cooling Package option, customers can decrease their energy consumption for cooling by up to 50%. Energy consumption during use accounts for over three-quarters of the environmental impact of medical products. Siemens strives to develop new solutions that are more energy efficient than their predecessor models. The spaciousness of the 70cm Open Bore design will accommodate patients with less anxiety and adapt to more clinical conditions. With the supershort magnet feature, it allows many studies to be completed with patient’s head outside the bore. You will be assured to receive the most comfortable and faster scan experience.

The Diagnostic Imaging Centre is located in the basement level of the hospital and has 40 professionals involved in the day-to-day operations and patient care. Dar Al Shifa was and still is, the first hospital in Kuwait to introduce the high field Open Bore MRI, the Dual Source Definition FLASH CT scan machine, Digital Flat Panel Radiography, Digital Fluoroscopy machine and state of art fully integrated Radiology Information System (RIS) and PACS enabling our clients to experience a fully digital environment, patient’s safety culture, quality care and innovation. The tape for the inauguration was jointly cut by Taleb Jeraq —Higher Committee Chairman of the hospital, Dr Jamal Al Harbi, Undersecretary for Technical Affairs at the Ministry of Health along with Madam Narges Al- Yousifi, committee member and owner of the hospital. An inaugural cake in the form of a replica of the 3Tesla MRI machine was also cut by officials to outdoor the new machine.

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