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Rent increased three times in less than 3 years

We have been staying in our current accommodation since June 2011.The owner of the building had given a contract paper to a person (Asian) who is responsible for collecting the rent from us. This person has increased the rent twice and for a few months gave everyone a rent receipt but then stopped doing so saying it’s not all important as he only had a contract with the building owner. We all had given in to his demand but now, for third time in less than 6 months, he is again asking for an increase in the rent saying that it is he who has the contract, so he has the right to increase the rent anytime. Now we few tenants had come together and wish to make written complaint.

I had following questions:

1. Can that person increase the rent three times in less than 3 years

2. Where & how can we complain

3. Is there any online complaint website authorized by the Kuwait government


Name withheld

: There are a lot of problems with the whole issue and we feel that the person who has the contract has been increasing the rent without the knowledge of the landlord of the building. It is also possible that he has been subletting the place without the blessing of the landlord.

That is possibly the reason that you are not getting the rent receipt. In such a situation there are a number of things that you can do to get rid of your problems.

First of all, you must meet your landlord and find out whether he has authorized the rent increase. If not, the landlord will step in and solve your problems.

If the person with the contract has been subletting the accommodation without the landlord’s permission, again the landlord will step in and solve your problem.

If, however, the landlord is aware of the whole issue and has authorized the rent increase you can file a case in the Rents Court in your area and the court will not allow such increases within such a short time. You, however, have to make sure – if you file a case – to deposit the rent by the 20th of each month. Unfortunately, there is no government site where you can file complaints in such cases.

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