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No amnesty for deliberate violators of Kuwait ‘iqama’ Legal expats need not fear checking

Cracking down on illegal residents and violators of residence law is good for Kuwaitis and expats. Many of our hard working expatriates who live and work in Kuwait legally might find it irritating to have those who violate our residency laws roam around streets unchecked. In addition to helping speed the process of Kuwaitization, cracking down on violators creates a safe environment for expats.

To begin with, the majority of our expatriate population does respect our local laws and regulations. For example, it is very rare not to see an expat driving on our streets without wearing his/her seatbelt. Many expats respect our traffic and residence laws out of respect to Kuwait and its people and not just because they fear being ticketed or fined. For instance, the current traffic situation in Kuwait, the lack of enough number of traffic patrols around the country would have enabled any one to violate traffic laws; expats however continue to be more law-abiding.

Moreover, allowing an amnesty to illegal residents to leave the country or legalize their status is a fair, compassionate and reasonable decision. No one has the right to violate our residency laws; while at the same time ask for more amnesty. In some neighboring countries, cracking down on violators of national residency laws was implemented to the letter of the law with almost no amnesty.

Furthermore, it is illogical to describe tracking down of those who violate residency laws as a violation of their human rights. No one has a right to violate the different laws of a sovereign country. The implications and expected ramifications of the phenomenon of violating residency laws justify any crackdown.

Our expatriate workforce should not worry about the frequent checking of their legal documents. If an individual is a legal residence in Kuwait; he or she should not worry. However, what is really worrying is to allow few illegal individuals to violate our laws and government regulations. Such residency violators worsen the economic conditions of other expats; exhaust our health and municipal infrastructures; ruin our roads, devastate our natural environment .... etc.

In fact, I am of the opinion of not giving any additional amnesty to violators of residency laws; and those who are victims of iqama exploitation should have contacted the concerned authorities earlier. In other words, it is impossible to imagine that more or less than 100,000 thousand violators have been victims of our iqama market!

Those who are serious and willing to legalize their residency should have done so earlier. I applaud the government and the Ministry of Interior for their quick and effective response to the violation of our residency laws. I would even recommend limiting the violation amnesty only to those who have been proven to be victims of iqama manipulation.

By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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Absolutly RightWassim Hussain | 2/17/2014 5:07:05 PM I totally agree with you. Sadly it is us our Expat population that have put ourselves in Mess. The place is full of population who come on domestic visas and work odd jobs.If they commit crime no one can find their whereabouts thus causing trouble to the legal residents.I am in favor of not granting amnesty because they themselves are the ones to be blamed.It is simple if you have trouble or if your employer cheated you go to Authorities,Embassy or Police station they will take care of you.
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