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Parliament passes 7 laws, 15 agreements MP proposes pedia hospital on par with int’l standards

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: The National Assembly passed seven laws and 15 agreements in the first and second quarters of the 14th legislative term — from August 2013 to January 2014, says the Secretariat General of the Assembly.

According to the secretariat, the Assembly also discussed 11 interpellations, five investigation requests and five demands to lift the parliamentary immunity of some MPs within 13 sessions. Moreover, a total of 760 queries were submitted to various governmental institutions; 510 of which were answered and 250 remain unanswered. Within the same period, 48 decrees were referred to the Assembly for further processing, 25 proposed projects were submitted by the government, 25 draft bills and 456 proposals were presented to the legislature.

The proposed amendment to the law on the establishment of a national fund for small and medium-scale projects was the first bill approved by the legislature; followed by the revision of the Central Bank of Kuwait Law and the regulation of banking activities, which are part of the 24 parliamentary priorities. Other bills ratified by the Assembly include changing the name of the Credit and Savings Bank to Credit Bank, electronic transactions, privatization of Kuwait Airways Corporation, regulation of private nurseries and the housing loan. In another development, MP Ahmed Al- Mutai submitted a proposal for the Ministry of Health to establish a hospital specialized in pediatrics on par with international standards and in line with a constitutional stipulation on the rights of children.

Meanwhile, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani reaffirmed the Gulf Security Agreement is unconstitutional; noting that every article in the agreement is either ambiguous or downright outrageous. He claimed that the government’s statement on the correction of some articles to be in accordance with the Constitution is untrue. He outrightly rejected the idea of Kuwait being a security-driven country.

This has prompted the MP to submit a number of queries to Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled. He wants to know if there was a mutual decision to approve the Gulf Security Agreement by his ministry and other GCC countries before officially approving it. If so, the MP requested for a copy of the decision. Al-Adsani asked if there is any report in the ministry on the constitutionality of the agreement and if yes, he demanded for a copy.

In addition, based on Article 70 of the Constitution, the MP requested for copies of all agreements, arrangements and memorandums of understanding which were not presented to the Assembly and were approved by the ministry. In another development, MP Yaqoub Al- Sanee criticized the minister of oil for delaying the construction of housing units for laborers in the oil sector, indicating the initial stage of the project should have started by now.

He explained the initial stage includes the demolition of 160 houses which are over 60 years old in compliance with the court order. Al-Sanee said the minister delayed this stage because some of the owners of those houses approached him, pointing out the minister’s act of kindness will affect the development plan of the country and this is unacceptable.

On the other hand, MP Nabeel Al-Fadel urged the minister of education to organize an annual mandatory training course for teachers in Kuwait. He suggested the course may be conducted during spring or summer break, indicating there should be an examination at the end of the training to evaluate the teachers. He said this will ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of education for the benefit of the teachers and the students

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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