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Man acquitted of burning cars ‘Evidence unsatisfactory’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12: The Criminal Court presided over by Justice Hassan Al-Shimmari acquitted a citizen holding criminal record of burning six vehicles. The Public Prosecution had charged the citizen for intentionally destroying vehicles belonging to the plaintiff by using highly inflammable substance to set them ablaze. According to the testimony given by one of the victims, he was called by the caretaker of the building where he lives and told about the incident, and he found firemen battling the fire when he rushed to the scene. However, the fire had already consumed part of his car, together with other cars that were parked nearby. Later on, the victim went to the area police station to file a report, although he did not accuse anyone of the crime. Defense lawyer Ali Al-Ali requested the court to acquit his client due to the fact that no evidence was provided by the prosecution team, while his client was not caught in the act and the only testimony in the case was given by the officer who arrested the defendant, although he could not substantiate his statement or presented any witness.

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