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HH the Amir and HH the Crown Prince during their inspection tour of Sabah Al-Ahmad natural reserve

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12: “Everyone must know that the 2013 National Assembly will never pass anything unconstitutional,” Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said in a press conference Wednesday. Al-Ghanim asserted there is no way for any bill, proposal or agreement to pass through the Assembly if it contains even the slightest ambiguity, let alone a constitutional violation.

He attributed controversies surrounding the Gulf Security Agreement to a governmental shortfall in informing the public about it. He also disclosed that there will be a parliamentary motion to correct the disorder caused by the agreement. He will officially announce it once the number of members is confirmed.

Meanwhile, MP Homoud Al-Hamdaan asked the government to stop the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day. He said the ministries of Interior, Commerce and Industry must deal with the issue immediately; describing the celebration as “corrupt”. He clarified that love is not an empty word; it is a wonderful emotion bordered by religion and law which is embodied in marriage to form a functional, productive and ideal family; thereby, building a society with mentally healthy individuals. He pointed out, “The behaviors we usually witness during Valentine’s Day originated from pagans.

They promote forbidden romance by exchanging red roses and intimate meetings, most likely ending the day with activities forbidden by our laws, Islamic teachings and culture.” Addressing traders and merchants who promote these ‘blasphemous’ acts, the lawmaker advised them to fear God for the sake of the country’s youth. He argued their actions are considered outright violations of our teachings and they will be held responsible in front of God.

Additionally, Al-Hamdaan accused local TV channels and the Ministry of Information of promoting Valentine’s Day and the immorality that comes with this day; placing full responsibility on the ministry while advising it to uphold our religion and law.

On the other hand, MPs Mohammed Al-Enizi, Adnan Abdulsamad, Abdullah Al-Tamimi, Talal Al-Jalaal and Hamdan Al-Azmi submitted a draft bill on granting civil and social rights to Bedouns. Al-Enizi revealed the bill stipulates the issuance of civil IDs, renewable every five years, for Bedouns to benefit from free medical services and education like Kuwaitis. They will also be eligible to obtain documents such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, as well as passports. In another development, Abdulsamad submitted a number of queries to State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul on the steps taken to address the housing issue; particularly the accumulation of housing grant applications which are now estimated at 109,000.

The MP wants to know the obstacles to efforts to solve the problem, if there is any plan to tackle it, and if the government has done anything regarding the hike in prices of real estate properties. He requested for a list of all housing grant applications per governorate in the last five years. Abdulsamad asked about the governmental actions taken to prevent real estate violations; and if enough land had been allocated to build 10 residential cities with 200,000 housing units as stipulated in Article 27 of law number 50/2010

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