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Driving on International Driving license on Visit Visa

I am aware that if a person is on visit visa to Kuwait and is having an international driving license he can drive in Kuwait. My concern is that does he have to register his international driving license at the traffic department or at the airport or any other government department.

Name withheld

Answer: We answered the same question a few weeks ago but in case you did not read the Arab Times on that day, the answer is reproduced below for your information. “You don’t have to do anything when you reach Kuwait but you need to keep your passport and the international driving license with you all the time while driving in the country. If you are caught driving without these documents, you could be arrested and detained at a police station until production of these documents. While hiring a car in Kuwait, you will need to produce your international license plus a photocopy of your visit visa. Otherwise, the car company will refuse to give you a car”.

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